Good Shepherd Volunteers offers a year-long volunteer experience for recent college graduates to live simply and in community with other volunteers, while exploring spirituality and social justice. Here is a list of our available sites for the 2017-2018 volunteer year:

Domestic Violence:

The Good Shepherd Shelter is a safe, nurturing environment in which mothers and their children can heal, reawaken their dignity and self-confidence, and learn the skills that will help them stop the cycle of domestic violence.

  • 1 position available: Volunteers assist teachers at the school on site or, if applicable, may have a classroom of their own. Volunteers in this position may also have the opportunity to participate and be trained in the Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) at the West Los Angeles Police Department.



Collier School offers a specialized educational opportunity for students who have had difficulty adapting to public schools due to emotional or psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues.

  • 2 positions available: GSVs are invited to use their unique gifts and talents to choose which way to best serve at this placement. Options include, but are not limited to teaching, tutoring, running sports/extracurricular groups, facilitating arts/theater/music events, youth counseling, curriculum development, clerical assistance, and ropes course instruction.


Foster Care:

Family Foster Care provides safe, temporary care in the homes of trained kinship or resource (foster) parents to children and adolescents who have been removed from their birth families because of possible abuse or neglect.

  • 1 position available: The GSV will work in the HomeFinding department, assisting in the recruitment, intake, and training of potential and current foster care families. This is a great experience for anyone wanting to learn more about the foster care system while aiding families in the extensive and rewarding process of becoming a foster home.


Youth counseling in schools and residential programs:

Non-Secure Placement (Blum House): Blum House is an all-male juvenile justice residential detention facilities serving youth in NYC.

  • 1 position available: GSVs support youth living in the facilities building healthy, trusting relationships while being a role model for youth to look to and learn socially appropriate behavior and other abilities to prepare them for independent adulthood.


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