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Location: Bronx, NY

Good Shepherd Services’ LifeLink program provides students with the support they need to make a successful transition from high school to college at City University of New York schools. LifeLink helps current high school students, GED students, recent high school graduates who plan to attend CUNY schools, to stay in college and overcome any roadblocks in their way to both a degree and a more promising future. Their staff provides strong personal support services to students, enabling them to anchor themselves firmly within the college community. They help students navigate the application and registration process to successfully enter college

GSV Role

The GSV will work with the Bronx LifeLink Program to assist program participants with transitioning into college. They will collaborate with staff to support participants while in college and assist participant in fulfilling their academic and social/emotional needs. This may include helping prepare students for placement tests, creating bulletin boards, one on one tutoring, and helping staff to create a strong sense of community.

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