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Location: New York, NY

Mission & Culture:

Good Shepherd Services (GSS) operates 100 programs, which help over 30,000 youth and family members in struggling neighborhoods throughout New York City. All GSS programs are united by a common goal—to create opportunities that help our participants succeed at school, at home, and in their community. The newly formed Mission & Culture Department, Anti-Racism & Equity Branch addresses that goal through the specific lens of creating equity and justice

GSV Role

The Good Shepherd Volunteer for the Mission and Culture Department will be responsible for supporting the Assistant Director of Mission and Culture in animating and embedding Good Shepherd Services’ mission, vision, values and culture throughout the organization with a commitment to social and racial justice as well as equity. The GSV in this placement assists with the administrative needs of the department, such as drafting documents, scheduling meetings, taking minutes, and coordinating special events that align with the mission, vision and culture of Good Shepherd Services. They will also have the opportunity to attend key meetings and work alongside other team members

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