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We know that working as a full-time volunteer holds privilege – the privilege of receiving a college degree, and the privilege of being independent from providing others a source of income. We also know that with this privilege comes a deep responsibility.  


Social Justice is one of our four core values. We must listen, learn and act. Our goal is not to save but to assist, and to use our privilege as Good Shepherd Volunteers to amplify the voices of the communities we serve. Together with our volunteers, we strive to become agents of engaged compassion through a deeper understanding of the systemic challenges in our world. Through work with our partner agencies, by developing life-giving communities of welcome and inclusion, by growing and sharing in our spirituality and by our choice for simplicity - we strive to do better.  


We unite our voices against racism, against the murder of George Floyd and the continued harm of countless black women and men in our country.  We commit to taking action as individuals to dismantle it once and for all. We will listen better, we will reflect more deeply on our personal struggles with racial justice and we will empower our volunteers and those who seek justice.  


As we do this work, we remain inspired by the words of the founder of the Good Shepherd Sisters, St. Mary Euphrasia who said “One person is of more value than the whole world.” Every person has value, an infinite dignity. 


Black Lives Matter.