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Support For Our Volunteers


GSV provides each volunteer with housing, health insurance, a monthly living and transportation stipend, and a relocation reimbursement upon completion of the GSV year.

GSV Staff Support

The purpose of GSV staff is to make sure that each GSV volunteer gets the most out of their overall experience with GSV. We are here as a resource to accompany volunteers through challenges at their work site, community, personal and spiritual life and to offer overall support before, during, and after each person’s GSV year.


The GSV program begins with a one-week orientation to enable all volunteers to gain a deeper understanding of the mission and tenets that will serve as the foundation for the GSV experience. GSVs have the opportunity to spend time as a group and to transition into community life. Throughout the program year, GSVs may engage in placement-specific trainings such as in trauma-informed practice or substitute teaching certification. Additionally, they may have access to opportunities such as the United Nations Commission on the status of women, and many more. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Volunteers are eligible for scholarship opportunities after one year of service. Find out more.


GSV provides program retreats throughout the year. These retreats offer an opportunity for personal and shared reflection. All of our volunteers are able to gather in one place, take a step back from their busy lives, reflect on their experiences, and take steps to challenge themselves to learn and grow.

Community Support People

Each volunteer community has a community support person who helps set community goals and develop a common vision. This Support Person is usually a former volunteer. They help the community hold themselves accountable to their goals and values, and challenge them to be open and honest with each other.

Professional Supervision

Each GSV has a supervisor at their placement responsible for overseeing the work of the volunteer, helping them achieve performance goals, and assisting them in their professional development. They meet regularly with the volunteer for individual support, and they also connect the volunteers with training opportunities. 

Spiritual Direction

Each volunteer is given the opportunity to work with a spiritual director. The spiritual director meets regularly with the volunteer and assists the volunteer with questions, challenges, and new ideas for exploring their spiritual life. Because we recognize that each person has their own distinctive spiritual life and faith practice, this relationship allows for a one-on-one approach to each person’s unique background.

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