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What We Do

All placements share in common the Good Shepherd Mission to minister to women, children, and adolescents in situations of poverty, violence and neglect. Within that overall mission, GSV site placements have a wide variety of working environments, service opportunities, and populations served. Here are some of the day-to-day things that GSVs do in their site placements. You can find specific job descriptions for each placement on their respective pages.​​


  • Teach and/or aide in classrooms

  • Tutor students

  • Assist in after-school programs

  • Facilitate individual and group counseling

  • Curriculum development

  • Planning and running major events

    • (dances, performances, festivals, etc)

  • Athletics programs

  • Arts & music programs

Youth Counseling

  • Personal development

  • Educational support and tutoring

  • Facilitate workshops

  • Home visits and field trips

  • Assist in conflict mediation​​

Public Policy and Advocacy


  • Involved in local and state advocacy activities

  • Attend rallies and coalition meetings

  • Aid in campaigns for program funding

  • Program development and event planning

  • Research on current policy and best practices

(More descriptions coming soon)
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