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Location: Philadelphia, PA


CORA Services

CORA Services is a Good Shepherd organization located in northeast Philadelphia.  CORA’s mission is to assist youth, children, and families experiencing emotional, academic, and social challenges which impede their development and productivity.  CORA provides this assistance throughout the greater Philadelphia area, serving over 18,000 children a year.


GSV Role

This position works in our After School Program, providing robust out of school time to children in the School District of Philadelphia enrolled in Grades K – 5th. Part of this role will be spent creating curriculum for the after school programs, especially in support of 21st Century learning goals and objectives.  In the afternoon, this role will work to coordinate the age appropriate recreational and developmental programs for the attending students based on an understanding of the planned daily and monthly activities. Time will be spent assisting  students in the accurate completion of homework, project-based learning (PBL) and other program activities.

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