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Location: Brooklyn, New York

Bushwick Leaders High School

Bushwick Leaders High School for Academic Excellence is a NYC Public High School that strives to give students who struggled in middle school the individual attention they need to catch up and graduate. Since most of its students speak Spanish at home, the school opened a dual language Spanish program in 2018. The school serves primarily the Bushwick community where most of its students live, though some travel from East New York, Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Williamsburg and Cypress Hills. 


GSV Role

The GSV at Bushwick Leaders for Academic Excellence High School will work alongside guidance counselors and DOE (Department of Education) staff to provide a range of counseling & youth development services. These include day-time individual and group counseling and facilitation of activities in the after school program. With a focus to help build community and create a caring school environment, the GSV will participate in advisement activities, and will be fully integrated in the life of the day school and after school programs. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to attendance projects, the development and utilization of group work strategies that support and enhance students’ skill development, perform family interventions to support family engagement and participation in the school community, perform crisis intervention as needed, participate in supervision with Senior Social Worker, provide technical assistance to DOE staff on advisement, help develop special events, and perform other duties as assigned.

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