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Location: Philadelphia, PA

CORA Services

CORA Services is a Good Shepherd organization located in northeast Philadelphia. CORA’s mission is to assist youth, children, and families experiencing emotional, academic, and social challenges which impede their development and productivity. CORA provides this assistance throughout the greater Philadelphia area, serving over 18,000 children a year.


GSV Role


This position works in our Truancy department, engaging clients, their families and other significant persons in a collaborative relationship that will enhance the potential for the client’s completion of service with positive outcomes. Staff work collaboratively with the family and court representative in the implementation of a plan with the goal of returning the child to regular school attendance. This role also helps connect clients to available community resources and facilitate client/family access to appropriate resources and services necessary to support and supplement service goals. This role involves providing services where it is most conducive to achieving desired goals, which includes and is not limited to clients’ homes, schools, court, recreation centers and treatment facilities.

This is a NEW role for 2022-23!

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