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Location: Wickatunk, New Jersey

Collier High School

Collier High School offers specialized education for students who had difficulty in the public school setting due to emotional or psychological challenges such as depression, have anxiety, or behavioral issues. They are guided to reach their full potential and thrive at Collier due to a high staff-to-student ratio, a vibrant academic program, and a comprehensive personal counseling program. There are usually 3-4 GSVs at Collier High School located in Wickatunk, New Jersey. This area of NJ is known for its rural landscape and convenient location. It is located only an hour train ride from New York City and a half-hour drive to local beaches and historic towns such as Freehold and Asbury Park.  


GSV Role

At Collier, GSVs are invited to use their unique gifts and talents to help with a variety of needs at the school. Options include, but are not limited to, tutoring, running sports/extracurricular groups, facilitating arts/theater/music events, curriculum development, clerical assistance, and assistance with physical education and health courses. Included in their wide range of duties, all GSV's become state-certified substitute teachers. Being a GSV at Collier High School is a unique opportunity to become an integral part of a close-knit and mission-driven workplace and community.

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