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Location: Philadelphia, PA

CORA Services

CORA Services is a Good Shepherd organization located in northeast Philadelphia.  CORA’s mission is to assist youth, children, and families experiencing emotional, academic, and social challenges which impede their development and productivity.  CORA provides this assistance throughout the greater Philadelphia area, serving over 18,000 children a year.


GSV Role

Observe mediations and restorative justice processes, receive training in conflict resolution models, acquire trauma-informed facilitation skills for serving youth, and gain first-hand insight into the inner workings of a non-profit. Individuals will be asked to assist with client intake, case management, data collection, and other administrative duties. Through these tasks, and by accompanying Good Shepherd Mediation Program staff to meetings, individuals  will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the variety of work, expertise, and projects encompassed in the mediation field.

This is a NEW role for 2022-23!

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