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Location: New York, NY

Good Shepherd Services (GSS) operates 100 programs, which help over 30,000 youth and family members in struggling neighborhoods throughout New York City. All GSS programs are united by a common goal—to create opportunities that help our participants succeed at school, at home, and in their community.


The Mentored Internship Program teaches young people the rules and norms of the professional workplace and to provide a supportive space for them to practice. We do this through internship placement, weekly professional development workshops, guest speakers, group project, company tours and job shadowing. Our target population are young people in foster care and young adults who have recently transitioned from care ages 16-24 years old.

GSV Role

If you are interested in workforce development, project management, program design, curriculum development, and working with young adults than this role is for you.  You’ll support the Mentored Internship Program Coordinator and the Department of Employment Initiative. This is a hands-on experience where you will have the opportunity to work with four tiers of stakeholders (Program Founder, Agency Executives, Program Staff, and Interns).

This is a NEW role for 2022-23!

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