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Location: Los Angeles, California

Good Shepherd Domestic Violence Shelter 

Good Shepherd Shelter is a transitional domestic violence shelter that provides a safe, nurturing environment where mothers and their children can heal, reawaken their confidence, and learn the skills necessary to ensure a peaceful and healthy future free of violence. While participating in the shelter program, mothers are welcomed to engage in ESL, GED, and parenting classes, as well as art therapy and domestic violence therapy groups. While mothers are on their healing journeys, they are assigned a case manager to walk alongside them as they seek employment, navigate resources, work through in-progress court cases, and ultimately strive to find a sustainable housing option to secure a positive future for their family. There is a school for the children that provides them with a supportive educational environment. The shelter is committed to implementing a client-centered and trauma-informed model in which each participant is recognized to be the expert of their own life. 


GSV Role

GSVs serving at the Good Shepherd Shelter have filled many different roles, some working more closely with the mothers and others working more closely with the children. Working with the mothers includes assisting them with GED classes. The children at the Shelter’s school range from preschool to 5th grade and the GSV can assist with a variety of classroom needs there.  Volunteers assist in planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up interest centers and preparing needed materials and supplies.

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