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Location: Brooklyn, NY

Juvenile Justice

Good Shepherd Services has two Non-Secure Placements (residences) for youth who are involved in the criminal justice system. Youth serve their sentences by living in these placements (similar to a group home) as an alternative to incarceration. There is one male and one female residence, both with approximately 12 youth, typically ages 14-17. These residencies use trauma-informed models to provide a safe, structured, and understanding environment. Residencies are staffed with a combination of frontline child care staff, social workers, case planners, health services and others to provide all the resources needed including school and more. It is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.


GSV Role

The GSV serving at Rose and Blum House works closely with the youth in placement in tasks such as escorting program participants to school, helping them study, implementing groups or partaking in recreational activities. The GSV may also accompany youth to any medical appointments, court appearances, or other outings. The GSV also counsels youth when necessary, providing them with personal support and assisting in conflict mediation and resolution. The GSV may work alongside the Recreation Specialist, Education and Vocational Specialist, Behavior Management Specialist, and Health Services Staff. There is also an opportunity for the GSV to work more behind the scenes, doing things like pursuing entrepreneurial partnership building and community organizing around relevant social justice related issues

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